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December 2005 Merry Holidays to all of you.

January 2006 Residual orange glass in Icelandic basanite (Heimay). Coexisting with K-feldspar, nepheline. olivine, aenigmatite, titanomagnetite, apatite, and sodalite.

February 2006 About 50 mg of California cattle feedlot manure ash mounted to Platinium hangwire and heated for 70 hours at 1149 °C. Large white crystals are calcic pyroxene and the yellow matrix is glass. Not seen are phosphor-rich droplets and forsterite.

March 2006 1980 Eruption of Krafla, northern Iceland.

April 2006 Trough G Skaergaard Intrusion, East Greenland.

May 2006 Village life on lava flow. Karasu fault zone, Hatay, southeastern Turkey.

June 2006 High level layered gabbro in an active rift, Hreppersey, Snaefellsnes, west Iceland.

July 2006 Hekla in eruption, 1980, Iceland.

August 2006 Small scale rhythmic layering in olivine gabbros of the Fongen-Hyllingen Complex, central Norway
(thin section 4 cm high, arrow indicates stratigraphic up).

September 2006. An example of crystal accumulation in piston cylinder experiment conducted at pressure of 15 kbar, temperature of 1203 °C, and 120 hours duration. The starting material was a Troodos bonninite. Crystalline material at the base is augite. The main product is melt/glass.

October 2006. Agglomerated mullite sand from fluidized combustor fueld by wood and rice straw blend. Cavity is from removed central thermocouple rod.

November 2006. Stormy night during UCD and DLC expedition to the Southeast Greenland Volcanic Rifted Margin, 1999.

December 2006. Merry Holidays to all of you!

January 2007. Shipboard Scientific Party of Ocean Drilling Project Leg 163X onboard R/V Aranda in 1999. Offset drilling on the Southeast Greenland volcanic rifted margin conducted by University of California Davis and the Danish Lithosphere Center. The Southeast Greenland coast of uplifted Precambrian basement is seen in the background. The preliminary report is currently being prepared for posting on ODP publication website.

February 2007. M/S Norskald in 1998 in Reykjavik, Iceland, during preparation for Ocean Drilling Project Leg 163X. An overheated power generator forced a return to Reykjavik and the cancelation of the cruise after only a week of drilling on the Southeast Greenland volcanic rifted margin (Photo David Peate).

March 2007. R/V Aranda in Ammassalik in 1999 during Ocean Drilling Project Leg 163X. A replacement of a GPS receiver necessitated the port call during an otherwise very succesful cruise (Photo David Peate).

June 2007. The main combustion stack of Woodland Biomass Power Ltd, Woodland, Yolo Countty, Californa (Photo Peter Thy).

July 2007. Establishing camp in the shadow of the 1980 erupting Hekla volcano, Iceland (Photo Peter Thy).

June 2009. The 1887 Wildrose charcoal kilns in Death Valley, California (Photo Peter Thy).