Subaqueous Bedforms and Cross Stratification

I have divided these by type of bedform and cross stratification. The examples are both fluvial and marine.

Planar Cross Stratification

Trough Cross Stratification Herringbone Cross Stratification Hummocky Cross Stratification Cross Stratification from Bar Migration Dune Cross Stratification (that does not fit nicely into a specific category)

The following photographs are of large-scale cross stratification that was deposited by the migration of giant dunes and/or large fluvial bars. Detailed analysis of the regional characteristics of these deposits would be required to distinguish between dune and bar deposition in many cases, and both might be present.

The following photographs were taken by Jeff Mount during his Roy Shlemon Course in Applied Watershed Science class trip down the Copper River, Alaska and Yukon (see the Shlemon class web page). The river shown below was dammed by ice from the toe of a glacier, which created a very large lake. The ice dam broke catastrophically, producing a huge flood. The flood waters transported very large volumes of sediment in huge dunes. After normal river processes resumed, the river eroded into the flood deposits, exposing the cross stratification in these impressive dunes.

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