Bahamian Stromatolite Carbonate Precipitation

Miriam Andres (now at Chevron) Pam Reid (RSMAS) and I worked through the RIBS project to study carbonate precipitation in Bahamian stromatolites. Fine-grained, precipitated aragonite in the stromatolites has a lower carbon isotopic ratio than trapped and bound grains (ooids and shell fragments). We interpret these results as demonstrating that aragonite is precipitating in an environment where heterotrophic activity is affecting the composition of mat DIC. This is consistent with Pieter Visscher's observations that sulfate reduction is abundant in layers in the stromatolites with petrographic evidence for abundant aragonite precipitation (see P.T. Visscher, R.P. Reid, and B.M. Bebout, Geology; October 2000; v. 28; no. 10; p. 919-922).

Related Publications:

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