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Archean Microbialites

Geological Setting of the Campbellrand-Malmani Carbonate Platform

Definitions of Geological Terms

Photographs from my thesis

Photographs of Herringbone Calcite

Photographs of Aragonite Psuedomorphs

Scientific Abstracts:

Microbial Topics:

Microbial Versus Environmental Influences on the Morphology of Late Archean Fenestrate Microbialites

Late Archean Calcite-Microbe Interactions: Two Morphologically Distinct Microbial Communities that Affected Calcite Nucleation Differently

Morphological Evidence for Archean Microbe Segregation into Distinct Communities

Ocean Chemistry Topics:

Late Archean Aragonite Precipitation: Petrography, Facies Associations, and Environmental Significance

Were Archean calcium carbonate precipitation kinetics related to oxygen concentration?

Evidence for low late Archean atmospheric oxygen from oceanic depth gradients in iron concentration

Ferrous Iron and the Crystallographic Characteristics of Herringbone Calcite

Herringbone Calcite: Petrography and Environmental Significance

Cave-filling Herringbone Calcite from a Middle Eocene Carbonate Platform, Egypt: Crystal Morphology and Geochemistry of an Unusual Carbonate Cement

Carbonate precipitation and oxygen stratification in late Archean seawater as deduced from facies and stratigraphy of the Gamohaan and Frisco formations, Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa

Effects of Reduced Iron on Calcite Crystal Morphology and Implications for Tracing Paleoenvironmental Chemistry

Other Topics:

Preliminary Late Devonian carbon isotope stratigraphy in the Canning Basin, Western Australia

Facies, Paleogeography, and Carbonate Precipitation on the Archean (2520 Ma) Campbellrand-Malmani Carbonate Platform, Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa

Late Archean Carbonate Facies Model

U-Pb Geochronologic Constraints on Deposition of the Campbellrand Subgroup, Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa

Numerical Modeling of Ooid Size and the Problem of Neoproterozoic Giant Ooids

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