Archean Carbonates

(Current funding is from the Agouron Institute. NASA Astrobiology and Exobiology has also funded much of this research.)

Archean* carbonates record ocean chemistry prior to the rise in atmospheric oxygen, preserve evidence for complex microbial communities, and provide constraints on the subsidence of Archean cratons. Check out our Agouron South Africa drilling project web page: Agouron Griqualand Drilling Project. The Agouron Institute is also funding a drilling project in Australia, let by Roger Buick at University of Washington.

The outcrop photo on the right show Archean stromatolites from Boetsap, South Africa. They are composed of calcite that precipitated on and in microbial mats in a shallow subtidal environment. The hand lens on top of the outcrop is 2 cm across.

Archean Carbonate Papers:

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* One of my students.

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