Exploring the physics of earthquakes and landscapes

Graduate Students


  • Alex Morelan (Ph.D.): Alluvial fan formation along strike-slip faults
  • Veronica Prush (Ph.D.): Earthquake Gates of the Altyn Tagh Fault
  • Yiran Wang (Ph.D.): Pulsed fluvial incision and uplift of the western Qilian Shan


(with current/last known employment)
  • Jacob Selander (Ph.D., 2015): Mechanisms of Strain Transfer Along Strike-Slip Faults
  • Austin Elliott (Ph.D., 2014): Termination of Great Earthquakes in the Aksay Bend of the Altyn Tagh Fault (Post-doctoral scholar, Oxford University)
  • Scott Bennett (Ph.D., 2013): Transtensional Rifting and Continental Rupture in the Gulf of California (USGS, Menlo Park)
  • Nicole Longinotti (M.S., 2012): 10Be-derived Paleo-Erosion Rates Recorded in the Fish Creek-Vallecito Basin, California Since 4 Ma Indicate no Increase across the Plio-Pleistocene Climate Transition (Environmental Geologist)
  • Kim Blisniuk (Ph.D., 2011): Spatial and Temporal Variation of Slip-Rate on the San Jacinto Fault, Southern California (Assistant Professor, San Jose State University)
  • Sabrina Belknap (M.S., 2009): Investigating Processes of Glacial Erosion and Cirque Formation by Numerical Modeling and Field Observations in the Southern Sierra Nevada, California (Geologist, Exxon-Mobil)
  • Emily Gurney (M.S., 2008): Camp Rock Fault Slip Rate and Folding of the Lenwood Anticline: Contributions to Eastern California Shear Zone Strain Accumulation (Ecotourism guide, Denali N.P.)
  • Eitan Shelef (M.S., 2007): Distributed Deformation Adjacent to Strike-Slip Faults: Examples from the Mojave Desert, California (Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh)
  • Michael Strane (M.S., 2007): Slip Rate and Structure of the Nascent Lenwood Fault Zone, Eastern California (Consulting Geologist)
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