Exploring the physics of earthquakes and landscapes

Welcome to my research blog

The purpose of this blog is to provide you (students, colleagues, and whomever else lands here) with a portal into what I do in my academic life. My research program is always evolving, but my web pages tend to become static and stale. Sure, I keep my publications and student information up-to-date, but writing a detailed, comprehensive page about a research project is something one can only really do near its end, when much of the results are already in hand. By that time, my students and I are deep into the writing phase already, with thesis chapters and manuscript drafts filled with the fine-tuned, precise and jargon-filled academic prose these things require. It’s not very good fodder for casual reading online. Besides, one can just as easily download my publications if they want to dig that deeply into what I do.

This blog is an attempt at something different. Rather than present tidy, comprehensive packages of my research, my intent is to write about my work in progress: Short posts, without any necessary relation to one another, about the things that that make this job interesting. No length requirement, nor posting pressure. Just an opportunity to share something interesting from time to time.