Isabel Patricia Montañez

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Opportunities in the Sedimentary Record

Modern Soil System Constraints on Paleoatmospheric CO2

Evolving Paradigms: Earth's Penultimate Icehouse

Climate Records of the last Glacial Cycle from California Caves


Lake Tahoe Yosemite/Lake Tahoe, CA

What's New In the Research Group


NRC Report: Understanding Earth's Deep Past

NRC Report: New Research Opportunities in the Earth Sciences

Earth-Life Linkages in the Pennsylvanian

Climatically Driven Nonmarine Cyclothem Deposition in the late Paleozoic

Reassessing Glacial Extent in Southern Gondwana

Tracking Fluid Flow in the Permian Basin

Global Aridification in the Carboniferous

Permo-Carboniferous, Southern China (2014)


Our Research Focus

Research in the laboratory broadly focuses on development of quantitative paleoclimate proxies, and their application to intervals of time characterized by major and/or abrupt climate change including past periods of icehouse-to-greenhouse transitions through to the last deglaciation. Students are trained in a broad area of sedimentary geology and geochemistry, and commonly work in both terrestrial and marine systems at the nanometer to km-scale. Climate modeling via collaborations are a component of most projects in the group.

    Speleothem Paleoclimatology

  Moaning Cave, central Sierra Nevada foothills


California Climate of the Last Deglaciation and Pleistocene Glacial Cycles: Cave monitoring of Sierra Nevada cave systems, U-series dating and proxy records of Sierran stalagmites, and climate modeling of the Pacific Northwest


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    Deep-Time Paleoclimatology

Lake Titicaca region, Bolivia

Late Paleozoic Ice Age: Integrated sequence stratigraphic, U-Pb dating, geochemical,and climate modeling studies of Permo-Carboniferous basins around the world


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Department & Related Research Facilities

Interdisciplinary Center for Plasma Mass Spectrometry- MCICPMS lab

The Sedimentary Geochemistry Lab

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