(a) Iron versus MgO contents (in wt.%) of natural pyroxenites (small grey circles) and hornblendites (pink stars) from xenoliths and alpine-­type massifs compared to starting compositions in experimental studies (large circles). Pyroxenites M5‐40 and M7‐16 used as starting materials in this study are represented by the red and purple circles, respectively. Also shown are the fields of mantle peridotites (green area) and MORB matrix glasses (yellow area). (b)Total iron contents versus SiO2 contents for MORB glasses with MgO ≥ 9 wt.%. Red symbols represent MORB glasses with Mg# ≥ 67. The orange rectangle represents the compositional area of px­‐MORBs (with both lower SiO2 and higher FeOT than MORB glasses with Mg# ≥ 67), good candidates to carry the signature of SiO2-­poor and FeO-­rich pyroxenites, such as M7-­16.

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