Simplfied model of decompression melting, magma focusing and transport beneath mid-ocean ridges
(1) Adiabatic decompression (TP = 1350°C)
(2) A single event of magma focusing is assumed to occur at P = 1.25 GPa and T = 1310°C, when the degree of melting is close to 10%: the total mass of partial melt in a "channel" is multiplied by a factor Ω.
(3) Adiabatic decompression from 1.25 GPa to 0.5 GPa.
(4) At 0.5 GPa, liquid is extracted from the solid matrix to form dykes.
(5) Rapid ascent of magmas in dykes to a shallow chamber beneath the mid ocean ridge.
Pictures are backscattered electron micrographs illustrating the textures and phase assemblages in the three experimental series before and after the focusing event. Scale bars: 10 μm

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