It doesn't have to happen

Here is a (limited) success story: Good news about golden tamarins. BBC News OnLine, April 4, 2001. But overall, the story is grim.

The Ivory Trade

Here is a brief summary on WIkipedia, updated to 2013. In a nutshell, the problem is that the ivory trade is dominantly driven by demand from China and Japan. Without that, there would be no money in ivory and no slaughtering of elephants for their tusks. Here are four 2012-2013 news stories:

The Trade in Endangered Species for Oriental "Medicines"

What is the connection between Chinese and Japanese restaurants and quack medicines and rapidly increasing numbers of endangered species? Do these people eat and otherwise consume endangered species because they are rare? Or are they rare because Chinese and Japanese insist on consuming them, no matter whether they are endangered or not?

The Great Auk

The Caspian sturgeon, and the caviar that it produces.

The Canadian harp seal

The strange case of the extinction of silphium

Other examples of imminent extinction and environmental degradation

Extinctions by habitat reduction and/or human introduction of alien species

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