Where Did Life Evolve?

First, here's a set of New Scientist articles on astrobiology. (Warning: they often give you only the first two sentences of many of these stories. Now, for specific topics,

  • In the atmosphere

    In Interstellar Space.

  • Biochemistry on comets and larger bodies

  • On some other planet? and panspermia.

    Why go through the torture of trying to have life evolve on some other planet, far less suited to the process than Earth, when Earth is here, and WE KNOW it had hospitable conditions on its surface? Let's stick to the simple and obvious before we resort to the complex and improbable!

  • Hot Springs

  • Glacial islands.
    NEW evidence suggests that life began in cool rather than hot environments. Well, let's be careful and precise: the evidence suggests that the last common ancestor of all living things lived in cool rather than hot environments.

  • In Fresh Water? Did life begin in FRESH water?
    Article by Matt Kaplan, from New Scientist, May 2002. A simple experiment and a surprising result that looks strong. Won't that be interesting, especially for the people who have staked their reputations on deep oceanic hot vents? Remember that it takes a particular planetary (and regional) climate to have long-lasting freshwater pools. And almost by definition, freshwater pools don't connect with one another.

  • The Deep Sea

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