Lagerstatten is a German word referring to the "mother lode": the vein of gold or silver that makes its finder rich. Applied to paleontology, it is a rock formation with wonderful preservation. Your first-choice Web site for lagerstatten is here at the University of Bristol. Below are other links to
  1. The Solnhofen Limestone (Late Jurassic).
  2. The Fossils of Liaoning province, China (Early Cretaceous).
  3. The Fossils of Messel (Eocene)
  4. The Mazon Creek Formation
  5. The Green River Formation
  6. The La Brea Tar Pits
  7. Amber
  8. Dinosaur Soft Tissue Preserved
  9. Bacteria in Salt Formations?
  10. Lagerstätten Trivia (you have been warned!)

The Solnhofen Limestone

Home of Archaeopteryx and many beautiful pterosaur fossils.

The Fossils of Liaoning Province, China

The Fossils of Messel

The Mazon Creek Formation

The Green River Formation

The La Brea Tar Pits

Actually, this is redundant, because La Brea means "tar".


Dinosaur Soft Tissue Preserved.

  • Mary Schweitzer and her discovery of soft tissue preserved in dinosaur bones. Discover magazine, April 2006.

    Bacteria in Salt Formations?

    Here is a claim of bacteria recovered alive from Permian salt beds, 250 million years old!

    Lagerstätten Trivia

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