The Burgess Fauna

Overviews of the Burgess Fauna

The Chengjiang Fauna, Lower Cambrian, China

The Burgess Shale Fauna, Middle Cambrian, Canada

Specific Burgess Animals

Wiwaxia is a worm-like animal that crept along the seafloor. But it was covered by little plates. In 2004 a paper on some strange late Paleozoic fossils found that they were plated molluscs like living chitons, but they were similar enough to Wiwaxia, and to halkieriids too, to place ALL these creatures as molluscs. It's not clear that they are "chitons", but at the very least, they are molluscs. Reference: Vendrasco, M. J., et al. 2004. Nature 429: 288291. And you won't find it on the Web unless you or your institution subscribe.

The Hallucigenia flip is a brief account of how the animal came to be reconstructed the right way up, and be recognized as a lobopod.

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