The Ice Age

Ice Ages and Climatic Change

Ice Age Vertebrates

Woolly mammoth.

The Overkill Hypothesis

Overview of the extinctions

How do you butcher a mammoth? Instructions and pictures from Texas:

The Americas

The La Brea Tarpits

Mastodons in the East


Homotherium, the scimitar-toothed cat

South America


Human Arrival in the Americas


Island Extinctions


The dodo



New Zealand

New Caledonia

Experienced Faunas

Northern Eurasia

New Thoughts on Mammoth-Hunter Society

Wrecking the World's Ecosystems

It doesn't have to happen
A (limited) success story: Golden tamarins. BBC News OnLine.
The Ivory Trade

The Trade in Endangered Species for Oriental "Medicines"

The Great Auk

The Caspian sturgeon, and the caviar that it produces.

The Canadian harp seal

The strange case of the extinction of silphium

Other examples of imminent extinction and environmental degradation

Extinctions by habitat reduction and/or human introduction of alien species

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