Chapter 11: Images for lectures

P. 139. Diapsids

Basal Diapsids

Heleosaurus was terrestrial, Hovasaurus was aquatic, and Coelurosauravus was a glider.


Lepidosauromorphs from the Tree of Life site.



Here is UC Berkeley's Introduction to the diapsid archosauromorphs

Archosauria are conveniently divided into four groups. Thecodonts; Crocodylia; Dinosauria; and Pterosauria.

Some early diapsid reptiles are not properly understood, including Mesosaurus, a strange little Permian fish-eating reptile that was the earliest amniote to reach the southern continents.

The Triassic Diapsid Takeover

Respiration, Metabolism, and Locomotion

The Komodo dragon

The giant varanid lizard, the ora or Komodo dragon: at the American Museum of Natural History. More stories:


Dinosaur Ancestors

Euparkeria could have been the ancestor of both pterosaurs and dinosaurs later in the Triassic.

Here is a dynamic image of the anatomy and posture of Euparkeria

The first dinosaurs may have appeared right at the Middle/Upper Triassic boundary:

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