Chapter 10: Images for lectures

The Amniote Radiation


Synapsid overviews on the Web:

Pelycosaur Biology and Ecology

P. 126. Carnivorous Pelycosaurs

P. 128. Vegetarian Pelycosaurs

P. 130. Thermoregulation in Living Reptiles
Reptiles are Hardly Cold-blooded

Examples of Heterothermy in Animals

P. 131. Thermoregulation in Pelycosaurs

P. 132. Permian Changes

Therapsid Evolution

Tree of Life guide to Therapsids, with further links.


Tapinocephalians. Here is a picture of the skull of Estemmenosuchus.

Tusks, sexual dimorphism, and inferred display/fighting in a Permian therapsid from South Africa. Press release, January 24, 2003.

Theriodonts dominated the early Late Permian of Russia.

Gorgonopsians were specialist carnivores on large prey and had some exciting adaptations. Here is the gorgonopsian Rubidgea.

Cynodonts are the therapsids from which mammals evolved. They were important small- and medium-sized animals in Triassic times throughout Gondwanaland.

Dicynodonts were the first truly abundant worldwide herbivores.